Monday, July 16, 2012

S2C XBee Adaptor Board

The Xbee modules from Digi international offers two variants depending on mounting technology: S2B module (Through Hole Technology) and S2C (Surface Mount Technology).

If you buy the XBee Programmable S2C kit you will receive a Programmable XBee S2C module (SMD module) and a XBee S2C development board (apart from other accessories like a USB X-Stick).

If you want to build a prototype with these modules you need to connect wires from the module to a breadboard. However, most of breadboards’ pitches are 2.54 mm and the XBee modules 2 mm. This complicates things apart from the fact that S2C are SMT devices. 

Furthermore,  some pins of the S2C module are connected to the development board, so if you want to use those lines for other purpose you need to disconnect those pins from the development board, but in the default kit you are not able to do that. You would have to unplug the S2C module and solder it in your proto board, but that is not a good solution unless you have plenty of modules.

The best solution for building a prototype with the Programmble XBee S2C is to use an intermediate board between the development board and the S2C module like the one shown below:

With that board you can isolate any S2C pin from the development board by removing the jumper associated to the proper line.

Xbee S2C adator board

More photos about the S2C adaptor board in our flickr gallery.

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